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I flick you off becuase i like you

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Weird Cookie
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Hi, I'm Graeme, but you can call me Weird Cookie if you'd like. At the time i'm writing this, i'm 20H8 years old and live in the twin cities area of minnesota. I grew up in eau claire, wi where I lived for 19 years before moving.
I used to be a pro-wrestling manager in the midwest and even got to work for IWA Mid-South and my childhood dream of working Viking Hall in Philly.
I've been using livejournal for about as long as i've lived here.

I run a podcast called ITRadio with my friend frosty. Because of the time spent doing that, it sometimes overtakes, or 9 otta 10 times, overtakes me writting in my journal.

I could write more, but listen to my podcast for more about me.

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